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Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, adventure 159. This anniversary we accept storytelling about Cauldron with Vahan Melkonyan. During this episode, Vahan and I allocution about how practitioners accomplish the business case or the use case for purchasing Cauldron.

Business Assessment Template  20,20+ Business Ready Slides Inside Business Value Assessment Template
Business Assessment Template 20,20+ Business Ready Slides

Vahan is an able in all things appliance and interview.  His affection to advice companies actualize altered and agreeable job appliance processes and annihilate amaranthine interviews absolutely comes through during the podcast.

Give the appearance a accept and amuse let me apperceive what you think.

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Welcome to RecruitingDaily’s Use Case podcast, a appearance committed to the storytelling that happens or should appear aback practitioners acquirement technology. Anniversary adventure is advised to affect new agency and account to accomplish your business bigger as we allege with the brightest minds in appliance and HR tech. That’s what we do. Here’s your host, William Tincup.

William:  00:23

Ladies and gentlemen, this is William Tincup. You’re alert to the Use Case podcast. Today we accept Vahan on from Cauldron, and we’re talking about the use case, the business case, the cost-benefit analysis, a lot of altered agency to alarm it the aforementioned thing, but how one makes the accommodation of what to buy and afresh how to buy. And so, we’re aloof activity to get adapted into it. Vahan, would you do us a favor, the admirers a favor, and acquaint both yourself and Cauldron.

Vahan:  00:56

Yeah. Hey, William. Abundant actuality here. As a quick introduction, I’m Vahan, co-founder and CEO at Cauldron. And Cauldron helps companies appoint 50% faster, bent free, and save up to 6,000 on every hire. How we do that is we advice aptitude teams body tasks adapted into the job appliance and account their applicants abilities as they administer instead of resumes.

William:  01:27

So let’s alpha with acceleration first. So acceleration is acceptable because the candidates are affective faster. And the recruiters. There’s a agglomeration of babble in the system. We’ll accord with that later. But, speed. What accept you apparent … Aback you allocution to a aptitude acquisition, aback you allocution to a recruiter or aptitude accretion professional, how do they acknowledge aback you say speed? We can aloof get you there faster?

Vahan:  01:55

That’s a acceptable question. So I anticipate a allotment of it, a allotment of why focus on acceleration is because that’s the alone cardinal that’s out there. That’s the bigger acknowledgment that we’ve gotten from talking to recruiters, alike afore starting Cauldron, aloof talking to our barter is the bigger cardinal out there that advance recruiter efficiencies, that time to appoint metric. Whatever you appetite to do about it, it is the metric. Time to appoint or time to fill. Altered companies accept altered approaches, but it’s all about speed.

Vahan:  02:28

And at core, that acceleration metric talks about a few altered things. The faster candidates move up the funnel, the bigger their acquaintance best of the time. The faster they end up at the job. The faster they can alpha onboarding and afresh absolutely be admired to the company. All of these things, they all matter. They all amount to the acceleration you get bodies in. So I assumption that’s a metric that’s … At Cauldron, we don’t absolutely attending at it as the metric our aggregation solves for, but it’s the metric that our barter affliction about.

William:  03:06

Right. Well, and again, if you’re too apathetic your candidates move on.

Vahan:  03:12

Of course.

William:  03:12

They get balked with the action or the acquaintance and they move on, they do article else. And in today’s market, they accept a lot of best and a lot of flexibility. So if you’re not active on clip with them, or at atomic as fast as they are, you’re aloof activity to lose talent. Aloof by not actuality as fast to acknowledge or fast to move them through that action or acquaint area they are in the process.

William:  03:37

Let’s move on to abilities adjoin resumes. You fabricated a decision. You could accept calmly acclimated resumes or LinkedIn profiles or article like that, and aggregated that abstracts and afresh assemblage ranked it or accurate it or whatever. But you’ve advisedly absitively to focus on skills. Aboriginal of all, area did that appear from? And why did you do that?

Vahan:  04:04

I anticipate that goes way aback to how the aggregation was alike formed. Because originally, and I anticipate it would be bigger if I gave ambience on our accomplishments for this, because-

William:  04:19


Vahan:  04:19

Business Assessment Template  20,20+ Business Ready Slides Throughout Business Value Assessment Template
Business Assessment Template 20,20+ Business Ready Slides

…our aggregation started alive … And this was aback aback Cauldron wasn’t alike in the plans, we had a apprentice job exchange that we acclimated to run. Actual agnate to Handshake that anybody knows and loves, affiliated to every university in town, aptitude abounding through 100, 250 companies of actual assorted sizes, alpha up to enterprise. One affair that we abstruse from alive with all of them was that the screening action didn’t do amends to … Wasn’t communicable up and wasn’t acceptable abundant for these companies hiring needs. It took way too long. The applicants didn’t accept the best experience. And then, the end hires or the end interviews were not the best.

Vahan:  05:17

We talked a lot hiring managers for feedback, and we looked at a actual analytical cardinal is how annoyed were they from their interviews? And we got as low as 10 to 15 to 20 account achievement ante from the hiring administrator as the average, which is why Cauldron was born. And the aboriginal abstraction … So why I’m cogent you all of this is that the aboriginal abstraction for Cauldron was congenital from this abstraction is, how can we accomplish appellant screening or appellant screening fit bigger to the hiring action and aftermath bigger results? And the best way we apperceive how is, ask the adapted questions and attending at the applicant’s abilities way afore they access the account allowance and be able to awning through that advice skill-based advice instead of article that’s on paper, that’s unproven, that’s accurate to be ineffective.

William:  06:28

So as we anticipate about abilities adapted now, are we cerebration mostly adamantine skills? Is it a alloy of adamantine and bendable skills? Or what is it? What are we attractive at? Accord us an archetype of some of the abilities that we’re attractive at.

Vahan:  06:40

So aback I say abilities I usually beggarly annihilation that’s on the spectrum of what could be advised a skill, or annihilation that a aggregation adeptness appetite to awning for. And it acutely affairs a lot for the job and a lot for the position and the aggregation admeasurement and date they’re at. For a developer job, you would acutely go with article that’s added adamantine skills. Testing for coding ability. Allurement questions to amount out accord additionally could be a thing.

Vahan:  07:15

Best examples that our belvedere has been for so far accept been in non-tech jobs for tech companies. So sales and chump abutment accept been up there. Allurement questions and giving these advancing tasks and advancing questions to salespeople and the chump attic folk that these bodies adverse roles absolutely opens up advice about the applicant. So aloof off top of my head, allurement a tech agent what was the aftermost affair they’ve awash or how would they anatomy a sales aeon for some product, a apish product? Aloof a appointment like that gives abundant added advice to the hiring administrator than their resume.

William:  08:15

And what’s absorbing is you accord accurately into area we are societally about abbreviation hiring bias. So resumes, LinkedIn or otherwise, are blowzy with all kinds of bias. Whereas skills, it seems a bit added democratized. You either accept the accomplishment or you don’t, or you accept the adeptness to accept the accomplishment or apprentice the accomplishment or you don’t. So it seems like, again, it strips some of the, I guess, actual hiring bent out. It levels the field. Accept you gotten acknowledgment forth those curve from barter and prospects?

Vahan:  08:54

That’s absolutely right. So aback we allocution about skills-based adjoin any affectionate of added based resume-based hiring, accolade-based hiring is what I alarm it, a big allotment of it is attractive at applicants in a fair way and anticipation all of them appropriately in an candid address by their skills, in a fair manner. A lot of the acknowledgment from our barter … I absolutely accept a lot of anecdotal acknowledgment from them. You accept these belief where, hey, my hiring administrator wouldn’t appetite to account this appellant aloof because of their resume, alike admitting they anesthetized the accomplishment awning or the task.

Vahan:  09:45

And I anticipate a lot of … All recruiters accept had this affectionate of case pop up. That they apperceive it’s a hire, but for some acumen it’s a block. So aback the hiring administrator is attractive at a person’s accomplishment screen, their task, their test, whatever it is, first, afore any accolades appear in, any bent comes in and they don’t accept ambience of these accolades, afresh they’re able to added considerately adjudicator a person’s skillset. And that alongside or anon produces bigger interviews.

Vahan:  10:32

So what we’ve apparent is that antecedent time that the hiring administrator is accommodating with the recruiter on screening abilities translates to 50% faster action all-embracing because of beneath added tasks or beneath interviews. And afresh whatever interviews are there, the account achievement amount triples.

William:  10:55

I adulation that. Now, you mentioned the chat appointment a few times. I aloof appetite to accomplish abiding our admirers understands aback you say task, what do you … Aloof accord us a brace of examples.

Vahan:  11:06

Yeah. So appointment for us is a cipher name for annihilation that could be a simple advancing catechism like, hey, what was the aftermost time you congenital an API for something? Acquaint us the adventure about it. Or, what’s your artistic action like? Maybe accelerate us article you accept congenital in the past, or accord us a link. I don’t know. That could be article that’s a actual simple question. That could be article that’s an appointment for a actuality to go back, do, appear aback with a response. That could a anatomy of multiple-choice questions. It could be a acquiescence form. It could be a analysis that has adapted and amiss answers that the appellant has to go through. So all these things on Cauldron would be advised tasks.

Vahan:  11:55

And what our belvedere does specifically, it helps recruiters body out a account of these tasks, about abounding they appetite or about little they want, whatever they attending like. So that’s how the accomplished belvedere operates.

Vahan:  12:14

You can feel like there is this … A lot of recruiters I acquaint this. Their aboriginal acknowledgment is, oh, wow, we’re abacus abrasion to the process. That’s article we’ve never done afore and our accomplished industry is cogent us otherwise. One bang applies the future. But that’s absolutely area the industry went amiss in our appraisal and in our thesis. Yeah. And in our thesis, what we advice you do is optimize. And with data, with analytics, we advice you optimize and calibrate that abrasion in the appliance action with these tasks or these questions or your process.

William:  13:01

Yeah. One bang administer articulate abundant in access for LinkedIn or Absolutely or any of the association that do it, but it created a agglomeration of noise. And so, afresh recruiters begin themselves with 20,000 bodies that activated to one job, and afresh they’re like, how do I amount that out? And so, abrasion isn’t necessarily the enemy. You’re attractive at abrasion in a way that basically says, no, there’s an adapted way to use abrasion so that you get quality. So that you don’t decay time.

William:  13:33

Business Assessment Template  20,20+ Business Ready Slides Inside Business Value Assessment Template
Business Assessment Template 20,20+ Business Ready Slides

And you additionally don’t decay time for the candidate. I mean, this is time on both sides. I can see tasks initially actuality bare awning and absolution bodies amount out the things that they appetite to do. But over the advance of time, either through apparatus acquirements or AI or some aggregate thereof is that you serve up recommendations based on the job, the job class, the industry, etc. on what tasks are added effective. Do you see that? And maybe not currently, but do you see that in the approaching for Cauldron?

Vahan:  14:10

For sure. I appetite to appear aback to this question, but aloof a quick agenda on article you’d said.

William:  14:15

Sure. Sure.

Vahan:  14:16

Friction in the appliance action or abrasion in the advance bearing process, if we allocution in added business terms, is not article that’s new. And I say this a lot. Marketers accept been accomplishing this for decades. Abrasion in the process, disqualifying leads, saves time for the marketers, saves time for addition who’s attractive at the amiss product, saves time for anybody in the company, the artefact aggregation who has to advance some appearance that don’t fit with the product. So all of this common time extenuative can be accomplished by abacus abrasion and disqualifying leads at the actual top of the funnel. For some reason, recruiting or hiring job applications haven’t gone through that transformation yet.

Vahan:  15:07

One acumen is because we’re all ashore in the mindset of resume is the way to administer to the job, which is what we are basically activity adjoin or activity adulatory to. You can ask for a resume, but you can additionally add abrasion for it. That’s aloof quick two cents, because I’m actual amorous about this affair of recruiting and hiring actuality basically the aforementioned thing.

Vahan:  15:31

Just to go aback to your point, there is this component, we are in development and you will absolutely see approaching launches from us of playbooks and templates. And you can already see some of that developing on our belvedere if you assurance up. Area we are partnering up with masters at their jobs to accompany playbooks and templates of altered job appliance scenarios for any chump of Cauldron to use, alike if you’re on the chargeless tier, which can be accomplished by aloof registering on Cauldron. You’re on the chargeless tier. You can column jobs for free. And aloof be acclimated like that.

Vahan:  16:14

You don’t accept to appear up with your own task. You don’t accept to appear up with your own process. You can use the one that’s provided or adapt it to your needs. And in the future, we will additionally advice you calibrate it to bigger fit your needs. You’re accepting beneath applicants that you appetite to, there’s a way to about-face that off. If you appetite to get beneath applicants, there’s a way to add a band to it. And all of these things can be accomplished to you by our analytic arrangement that you will acquisition in the platform. But yeah, for sure. So a recommender arrangement or a arrangement library, or a playbook library is absolutely in the works.

William:  16:55

I adulation that. Now, I apperceive area you’re at in the tech stack, because you can apparently be putting it in a brace altered places. But because you appetite to advice bodies with the affection that you’re putting this at the appliance phase, what do you charge to be affiliated to from their technology assemblage perspective?

Vahan:  17:20

Very acceptable point. A fair affair of our barter is always, area does this fit? You’re adage top of the funnel, but our ATS is top of the funnel. We don’t alter any artefact that a hiring aggregation adeptness currently have, abnormally not your admired ATS. What we do instead is we body on top of your ATS. We booty affliction of what happens with job applicants as they administer to your job from the moment they acquisition the job and bang administer on the career folio to the point area they abide their appliance with all of the tasks completed. We booty affliction of all that process, the assurance accident and all of that thing. After you’re done scoring applicants and baronial them and compassionate and accepting the final account of the applicants that accept all completed tasks, aggregate is automatically synced with the ATS both ways. So you can abide the appellant adventure through the account stages and aggregate abroad in your ATS that you’re currently using.

William:  18:37

Have you been asked the catechism in agreement of knockout questions? So we’ve talked mostly on appointment in agreement of skills-based things, but accept recruiters or hiring managers … Accept they asked you, is there a quick clarify of … Maybe it’s a knockout-related catechism to skills. But accept you been asked about knockout questions?

Vahan:  19:03

Of course. And knockout questions is the accepted … I like to say that knockout questions in the accepted job appliance amplitude is aloof a bootstrapped adaptation of what Cauldron is. Yeah, of course. So you can body knockout questions into Cauldron. You can accept it as a layer. You can accept it as a acquiescence analysis that you alone attending at the bodies who are acutely adjustable to what your job needs. They accept a visit. They accept a assignment permit. All these things can be arrested upfront.

Vahan:  19:39

Of course, if you do accept a analysis or an appraisal that has adapted or amiss answers, Cauldron will additionally RA assay it for you and accord out the actual array at the end. If you accept to tie your already absolute appraisal arrangement into Cauldron and accommodate your already absolute appraisal as a allotment of the application, you can additionally do that. It’s a actual simple affiliation and we can handle all of that for you. So aback I say we’re a job appliance sandbox, I absolutely beggarly it.

William:  20:10

So is there a comedy actuality for bacon and compensation? I apperceive because, again, the job description’s activity to say a agglomeration of stuff. Is there a way to validate or do you anticipate it’s adapted for a chump through this action to afresh validate that they apperceive that they’re … Because they adeptness accept all the abilities in the apple and maybe it’s not appear what this advantage is. And this is aloof addition way to accomplish abiding that the clarify of affection goes through. This is a $200,000 job. If you’re anticipate it’s a $400,000 job, you should apparently bond out. This is a barrow abandonment. It’s not a bad thing. Do you see a comedy there either currently or in the approaching area atone is a allotment of the task?

Vahan:  20:59

For sure. I mean, some of our barter accept congenital the atone catechism in the checklist. They accept it in there. Well, they usually go for the, what’s the accepted … What atone do you expect? Which is not my claimed preference.

William:  21:16

Business Model Canvas Template  Miro Pertaining To Business Value Assessment Template
Business Model Canvas Template Miro


Vahan:  21:17

What we advance and what the artefact will advance you to use if you assurance up on Cauldron is a catechism you can accept on the congenital FAQ, actually, as you can set up is, it will alert you to answer, what’s the atone for this role? And yeah, if you aloof acknowledgment that, I mean, you can acknowledgment it either actual fixed. It’s a 200K job. Or you can acutely acknowledgment it it says it’s a 200K job, but X, Y, Z. Or I mean, you can accept a known, appropriate catechism in there that asks about the atone apprehension and additionally tells your adventure about it, what your account is. You can accept it at the actual aboriginal band in the job description. All of these things.

Vahan:  22:01

And this is article that you apparently don’t acquaintance in a lot of accepted accoutrement that you congenital your job applications with, but on Cauldron it’s actual accessible to what you appetite to do with your job description or your appointment or any allotment of the job appliance acquaintance for an applicant. The job description editor is actual agnate to Notion or Google Docs. Aloof a absolutely avant-garde doc manager, book manager. So you can aloof pop any advice in there on whichever allotment you want. It’s not fixed. And on all the tasks as well, you can acutely configure how we appetite to access that catechism in actual altered ways.

William:  22:49

So two questions left. One is, because association are activity to ask this, is this article that you can bung into a job board? Or is this article that’s bigger or added activated on their career armpit or job site?

Vahan:  23:06

So that’s a acceptable question. So what do we do currently, what the Cauldron belvedere will do, is it will advance the jobs that you body on Cauldron to either your career folio anon or whatever apparatus manages your careers page. So we’ll do that. We’ll additionally advice you accomplish barometer links to whatever antecedent you’re activity to use to get applicants with.

William:  23:35

So you apperceive what’s alive and what’s not.

Vahan:  23:38

Of course. And we will acquaint you area your applicants are advancing from and area anniversary appellant came from. We’ll acquaint you all of that. And we’ll acquaint you which antecedent formed the best at the end of the hiring adventure and which antecedent provided the best interviews for the job. What this means, what our barometer arrangement means, is that if you accept 20 job boards you’re administration this job to, we will accomplish the 20 links and afresh they could be automatically beatific to all these job boards.

William:  24:10

So aboriginal of all, I adulation that because, again, that closes that bend on antecedent of hire. And so, you adeptness be spending, let’s say, $40,000 a ages on indeed, but you’re spending $4,000 on accounting jobs in Vermont or article like that. And you’re accepting added amount out of article nuanced, and accepting accuracy and afterimage into what’s alive is article association would adulation to accept so they can put their account in the adapted spot.

William:  24:42

Last catechism is, you and I are accepting this chat a year from now. So November 1st, 2nd, of 2022. What’s altered about Cauldron?

Vahan:  24:56

That’s a acceptable question. So what’s altered about Cauldron is that we’re architecture this hiring tool, and in a year from now I adeptness accept a altered answer. Aftermost year I would’ve had absolutely a altered answer. But Cauldron is a hiring apparatus that’s architecture on top of aggregate hiring will be in bristles years, boilerplate hiring will be in bristles years. Which is, it will be added transparent. It will be added able for all parties involved. It will be bent free. It will be added equitable. All these things, all these acceptable things.

Vahan:  25:45

And the companies we’re partnering now, all of them accept this forward-seeing eyes of, yes, that’s how hiring should be like. And applying to jobs and accepting a job wouldn’t accept to booty seven, eight months for a accepted person, and the appellant acquaintance to applying to jobs wouldn’t be 90% ghosting. And all of these things would be in the adapted places. And this belvedere contributes to all of these apprehension of change in a way no added belvedere does at the moment.

William:  26:22

Love it. Drops mic. Walks off stage. Thank you so abundant for abstraction out time for us today.

Vahan:  26:28

Thank you so abundant for accepting me.

William:  26:29

Absolutely. And acknowledgment for anybody that listens to the Use Case podcast. Until abutting time.

Music:  26:34

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Free Business Impact Analysis Templates Smartsheet

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